Ria's Story

My story finding the real life benefits of CBD.

I wanted to share my personal story, It’s long but I believe worth the read.
The following story explains the reasons how and why I started using CBD OIL all those years ago!

For many years since the age of 8 yrs old I was a dancer … Classical ballet, tap neither suited me but Jazz wow that was my passion .

I did concerts , won awards almost got on TV ( can’t remember why I never)maybe to shy  ..

In these times my knees constantly dislocated left one more so …

I would drag myself off stage whack in the cap then continue dancing …

Knee would swell and I would spend days resting it with ice packs …

Then one day in 2015 29th May … while we were fundraising to be part of a Rally ( BOGANS) my knee dislocated and patella (cap) stayed off to the side … I knew almost immediately this was different I knew I could not put it back in   I was petrified someone would try picking me up.. So glad Jim was there I told him this is not good…

After 5 days in hospital kneecap off to side so much pain having morphine for intense pain and nerve block  that was bloody as painful and never worked I was finally able to go into theatre . They had to wait for swelling to go down …

The blood was building up under cap the last bit of cartridge I had broke off and was stopping the cap from going back on …

Cartridge pic  attached

All they could do was suck out the busted pieces of cartridge that was stopping it all to go back together ..

Due to years of dislocation I had worn out my tibia area so the ball ( patella ) doesn’t have a socket to fit into .. Easier way of explaining … It’s flat…

So my left knee cap floats .. I tried to help build up the inner muscle but they died and I just do steps these days to help keep it active …

I spent 2 mths flat on my back doing little exercises in bed ..Having cold showers as our trees were stopping the sun hitting our solar hot water .. He would bring in buckets of warm water so I could get warm . ( it was winter  with help of Jim getting me to shower.

I learnt to walk again I went from intense physio had a Walker and slowly regained my confidence . It was and still can be very scary …

I was in so much pain as I was now bone on bone , arthritis was bad …

I even had a cortisone shot in knee omg that hurt and I chose never again …..

Popping pills  created more health issues , I lost my osophegous lining so ended up with diverticulitis as nothing was breaking down and caused inflammed pockets ..

I spent 4-6 months finding out what I could eat that never effected me .

My naturapath helped heal my osophegous .. I found out what effected me .. what foods I can comfortably eat without pain …

Then I was introduced to CBD

within 2 weeks I found I was not popping pills

I have been on 500mg FD which is CBD with THC  ..

I take 5 drops  twice a day …

Since taking the oil over time

I am

Arthritis Free ~~~~ Knee ,Ankles, Wrists

More mobility More Fun

In 2020 November My knee went on me again  I ended up with a

Broken Elbow , fractured ulna and sprained wrist

. 2 days Endone was enough for me . It made me feel weird like I was floating in another world .. Pass … Doubled up on CBD oil Had 3 times a day and  used Arnica & Juniper Balm I was in a half cast for a week and sling only for a month …

Healed nicely

On top of all this as time went on I realised

Sensitive Teeth almost gone 🦷 Rita my dental hygienist is so impressed  me too because I am not jumping each time I get a teeth clean🦷

An inflamed cyst drawn out over 10 days  pic included

Menopause over within 12 months  heaven  no more hot flushes now nothing for 4 yrs

My Skin feels Amazing  my face omg I love it I use the face Serums highly recommended

General Health ~~~Fantastic  I have not been sick once in 6 yrs …

Yes I still need to be careful with Knee , but I can drive a manual which I never thought I ever would again , I can still dance  but again I need to be careful , no I can’t run , skip or jump so there’s a few things I can’t do again .

Glad I tried paragliding when I did  ( twice)

It’s the no pain . Yes every now and again I get a niggle in knee, wrists , fingers and all I do is rub arnica n Juniper Balm or whatever balm I have lying around ( the Trio pack is great I have them all over the place even in bag) I rub in and I am off again.

The knee well eventually  I need a whole knee replacement .. They said (Drs ) wait till I am 60 .. Well I am almost that age and right now I feel I can continue living with what I am doing . I have not got pain that I want to go through something  I don’t need yet . Yes the damage is still there but I am able to still enjoy life , have loads of fun and just know what I am capable of .

I have discovered there’s no cartridge there to keep my kneecap from going back in …

Yes it bloody hurts because not only do I deal with my cap pain when it pops off I damage other parts of my body because when it goes I have no control where I fall ( hence broken elbow on kitchen tile floor)

So I say this … I am so glad I was introduced to this amazing  Golden Oil …

I needed to join a company to help spread the word and help as many people as I could change their lives even just a little .

I am so glad I found these amazing Aussie Companies

Not only are their products amazing but the support from the company is Number 1

I have never known companies who actually care about customers , they are very much part of who I am

Care factor 100%

PS … No I never got to go on the rally …. But we raised $38,000 won 2nd place in fundraising and an award for social media

But Jim n myself are planning on doing a rally again just so I can fullfill my bucket list


Since joining Down to Earth I also joined another Australian owned and family run Hemp Business that are based in QLD HEMPSHACK .

Whether your looking for yourself or your animals Hempshack cover it all even Pantry products .

Do yourself a favour and check these companies out just by clicking on my links.



Ria Boustead


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